Bildwerk, www.bildwerk.tv

Bildwerk is an agency for interactive media and projection design located in Vienna. Bildwerk creates award winning site specific media installations. It was originally founded in 2006 as a VJ duo by the brothers Leonard and Benjamin Pokropek.

LWZ, www.wearelwz.com

LWZ. A design and animation studio based in Vienna that experiments with unconventional approaches, that cause visuals derailments with happy endings. The Studio was founded by Martin Lorenz, Stefan Salcher, Tobias Schererbauer & Markus Wagner.

Markus Harthum, markus.nefas.at

grew up in the hood of Vienna, Favoriten

Sebastian Pataki, www.mrpataki.nl

Sebastian Pataki is an Amsterdam based independent graphic designer with a multidisciplinary approach and massive cat–friend. As a ‘bricoleur’ he is searching for the weird, the abnormal and for flaws in order to exploit them in a visual way. Among other studios he used to work with HORT (Berlin, GER), Pixelgarten (Frankfurt a.M., GER) and Trapped in Suburbia (The Hague, NL).

Sophie Utikal, sophieutikal.tumblr.com

Sophie is now living in Vienna and studying fine arts at the art academy. She likes to dance to techno music, touch furry animals and be part of theatre groups.

Stefan Brunner, stb.klingt.org

Stefan Brunner worked on stage either solo or in cooperation with artists such as Arto Lindsay in venues like the Angelica Festival Bologna, Signal and Noise Vancouver, Portikus Frankfurt, HBC Berlin, the Austrian EXPO Pavilion Shanghai etc. Most recently he worked as part of the artist duo Audiokolor where he collaborated with artists like Apparatjik for exhibitions in the Neue Nationalgalerie Berlin, the Oslo Museum of Contemporary Art, Go with the Flø Norway among others.

Woeishi Lean, woei.refect.net

woei is a digital artist who produces computational media at a the intersection of design, technology and live visualizations. He creates large-scale projections and interactive installations around the globe with his long term favourite toolkit VVVV and lectures on subjects such as Digital Media in Performing Arts, as well as Generative Design, AudioVisualistics and Algorithmic Design Patterns.

great helper army vienna

Laura, Leo, Paul, David, Curly, Mike, Gregor, Daniel, Daniel, Lisa, Johanna, Beni, Anna, Mary, Melanie, Mani, Matilda, Iris, Simon, Gabi, Michi, Kathi, Pauli, Eva, Flo, Babsi, Ruth, Mo, Marvin, Pomme, Dominik, Gerri, Gabs, Smokie, Valerie, Reini, Helena, ZIT

great helper army moscow

Anastasia Dutova, Sascha Bazarkin, Slava Vazyula, Olga Obogoeva, Vera Demina, Galina Volkova, Lera Kenner, Anna Andreeva, Anastasia Syrovatskaya, Dasha Potselueva, Philipp Sologub, Zhenya Boyanova, Cristina Kolomines, Sveta Kovaleva, Amrita Lirette, Elya Pingste

great helper army prague

Ales Kovevnik, Cassidy Kean, Eliška Pulcova, Emmala Moffet, Eva Huňová, Filip Hieke, Helena Wimmer, Ivelina Dankova, Ivet Klusoňová, Jessica Debec, Judith Fiala, Leonardo Bentes, Lydia Schmidt, Marie, Marina Wien, Martina, Michaela Režová, Pavlína Rejskova, Robi Hammerle, Rongomai Bailey, Ruslan Solopeev, Sara Farley, Sophia Louise Wrench, Tereza Ledvinová, Yasmin Cruz

great helper army ljubljana

Anže Ermenc, Janža Dolinšek, Kristina Gorenc, Maja Novak, Nuša Willenpart, Rahela Vešković, Tajda Tonin, Tjaša Psanc, Tomaž Dobravc; Nika Perne, Petra Radoja, Slavko Meden

great helper army cascais

Claudia Leal de Almeida, Luísa Amorim, Bruno Amorim, Ana Cascais, Inês Crespo, Tiago Fernandes, Edite Fernandes, Teresa Leónidas, Francisco Lopes, Joana Moreira, Michaela Rodrigues, Gonçalo Santos, Madalena Santos, Marta Santos, Rita Santos; Nika Perne (yes, again!), André Medeiros (for Tuna Diplomacy), Remco, Sazid